#118128 - Then came the commencement of his action, I felt his hand on my knee, massaging it gently, these men were always careful not to be to rough with panty boys, because I didn’t object he continued to manoeuvre his hand from my knee until he reached my groin, within seconds I could the man’s face light up when he realised I’d prepared my crotch area for his easy access. The old Cashier opened the side emergency door which led into a narrow alleyway, I made my way to top end of town to the public toilet it was an old Victorian in design with huge china urinals, the copper water pipes gleaming from regular cleaning, the speckled marble floor had developed cracks over the years. I enjoyed the physical attention the old man paid to my panty covered cock, the man then whispered in my ear “why don’t you go to the Cinema toilets where Daddy can play with his girlie boy, with an invitation such as that how could a sissy boy refuse.

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