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#330882 - Opening the toilet door, frank was all dressed up, i asked him what was going on, he told me his sleeping out today, I knew him and Jane did not finish sorting their problem, Stacey said she was going to check on her sister, frank left the house, then i went to the living room the arguments was still at its peak, I felt to good to give a fuck what was happening i went back to sit on the dining table, Claire asked me if Stacey was alright, “ Yes she feeling a lot better, she in the room with Jane if you want to see her” I replied, I pulled out cigarette to smoke and continued drinking. “ if you think about it where we are now isn’t my room, you won’t be breaking any of your principles if I lick you dry here” I said to her, she leaned over and whispered to my ear. So introduction was for the younger sister took place, this was about 11pm her name was Stacey, she is a year younger than Jane, the most beautiful in the family, tall bulumpcious red hair, shape of a model, sexy tits, sexy a

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