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#151591 - Scott had bought some new jeans,some tee shirts and a new hoodie, even as he tried on the jeans he was thinking of Ben, the pre cum from his earlier hardon was showing a damp patch on his grey briefs and once again he began to stiffen, As he looked at himself in the changing room mirror the shape of his semi hard cock clearly visible it just made him horny all over again and he decided he would just buy the jeans and get home as soon as possible, Find the boxers Ben had been wearing the night before and batter one out as he sniffed his brothers spunk and piss stained underwear. To give Mum and Gran some time to catch up, Scott had decided to go into town and buy some new jeans and tee shirts, and of course take the opportunity to eye up some talent, there are some handsome young guys work in the shops on Union Street, of course none as hot or sexy as his Ben, but a few where still worth a wank at least.

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