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#325294 - ‘Did you enjoy the Photoshoot? It looked like you did!’ frozen with shock Maxine barely hears Marks next comment… ‘I certainly enjoyed watching you at it!’. Face up now she looks at her 3 tormentors as they stand round the bed, their semi hard cocks in hand as they stroke them back to stiffness. Rolling her head round Maxine sees the cameras, shocked she realises that it wasn’t just one angle they had been filming from, Maxine lets out a low moan of horror as she sees the TV screens divided into boxes all showing unknown men’s cocks being stroked and realises that not only were they recording it but they had been broadcasting live to other men on the internet, men that had paid to see a woman used and abused, now she can hear the viewers voices grunting and moaning as they jerk their cocks at the scene.

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