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#362400 - Left hand played with my clit but as the right reached to penetrate my lips Virgil slapped it away. Climbing onto the bed herself she placed herself between my splayed legs and pushed them just a touch further apart “Do you like big cocks, slut?” “I like all cocks, ma'am,” did I really just say that!? Katrina laughed and placed the dildo at my front door “You like it when a big strong man puts his cock inside you,” Yes ma'am She pushed the dildo into me, driving at least five inches in one movement, I yelped but my cunny was so wet it went in easily enough “You like being a cocksleave for men who only want you for your body?” “Ohhh, yes ma'am,” The dildo was moving now, pistoning in and out, never the whole way, stretching my tight pussy. My drink was down to its last sip and I was weighing up whether I could afford another so soon when she walked up behind me and slid into the seat to my right.

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