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#357723 - As I opened the door there was a woman in a Drench coat … sopping wet from the rain that was still poring even harder than before all over her … she had a hood on so I couldn’t make out what she looked like, She stated that her car had broken down several miles from there and that this was the closest to civilization that she could find, she was wondering if she could come in until the rain stopped … I was hesitant to let a stranger into my house but I did feel bad for the woman so against my own judgment. I handed her a change of clothes just some pajama bottoms and a t I had laying around the house I told her the bathroom was down the hall and to the left… and she proceeded in that direction as I went to the kitchen to heat up the coffee pot. I felt my cock pulsing in her ass with her tight hole throbbing around my thick cock I could hold it any longer I pushed in as fast and as deep as I could and came into her ass… it seemed like I blew the biggest load of my life.

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