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#178916 - Neither of you expects the huge hand grabbing him by the throat and lifting him up to deliver a chokeslam, you look up at Kane, but he is already advancing on Snitsky who is struggling to his feet, you slowly get to your feet as Snitsky also gets a Chokeslam from hell, Kane walks to the center of the ring, raises his arms and bring them down and his flaming pyrotechnics burst from the ringposts. It takes a few moments of you staring at her before you find your voice back, Hey, you reply trying to sound calm, I'm so sorry for barging in here, but Mike is on one of his rampages again, her eyes dart around like a frightened doe. Kane slowly gets to his feet and look down at you, he looks furious and then he grins and starts to laugh, he points down at you You did good kid, you did real good, he says with half a grin, you smile at the praise from one of the biggest guys in the business and make your way backstage, suddenly Umaga and Snitsky comes from backstage, you

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