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#34443 - Merik says In your dreams did you resist your Son? Ayame says Yes master I tried to resist as my Orc Son raped and impregnated me , Rikimarue takes her to the kitchen and makes her a sandwich and gives her a bottle of water. He's so big and strong and he easily lifts her off the ground every time he rapes and creampies her pussy and ass, her arms and legs dangling off the ground and just like last time Ou - Chans sperm keeps Ayame fully hydrated and well fed but also acts as a lubricant so her pussy and ass is constantly wet. Merik opens a portal to the pocket dimension and both he and Ayame step through, now in the pocket dimension Merik opens two portals and summons five Orcs and five dog demons, he closes both portals after all ten demons enter the pocket dimension and says Enjoy your gift and steps through the portal back to Rikimarues house and closes the portal.

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