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#172693 - I often wonder if what I feel, Is just an illusion or something real, For when these feelings begin to start, I wonder if they'll break my heart, Or will they stoke the burning fires, That masquerade as my desires, And turn my inner burning lust, Into something built on trust, Because these fires always burn, And so it seems I'll never learn, For when these feelings do begin, I always seem to dive right in, Again I'll get my just desserts, All the heartbreaks and the hurts, Again I'll heed this passion call, And again in love I will fall, And should this love come to an end, I hope my heart will somehow mend, So I can pick myself up off the floor, And fall in love, again once more.

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Zack fair
I love the camera setup on these can really see them getting fucked
Airi ogata
What his name