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#262477 - She bent down and pulled a big patch of my suit exposing my bum and pussy, “there you go she said as she slapped my bum “you can do your business now without getting dirty, it felt strange been on all fours with my ass and pussy on show for the world to see and the cool breeze made me tingle inside, I was dying to go for a pee but I didn’t want them to watch me, but I couldn’t hold it any longer I spread my legs as far as I could as not to pee on my self and kind of squatted as low as I could, May and Shaz just stood there talking and when I had finished one of them wiped my pussy and put the patch back on saying” there you go wasn’t that bad was it”. I pulled up got out of the car May put her arms around me to welcome me did you have any problems with the directions, no I said they were spot on Shaz hugged me come on in she said we have made you some sandwiches and a drink, Ho thanks I replied I could eat an horse right now. I crawled over to my bed and snuggled up to the pups to

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