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#28227 - Thank you Mr Speaker, I shall be brief, the Prime Minister lied in his plummy upper class accent, Among all the measures proposed in the Queen's speech this has proved perhaps the most controversial, apart perhaps for the compulsory tattooing of all benefits claimants, which as we have seen has already reduced considerably the dependence upon our Social Services, but the years of Labour's mismanagement of the economy has left us with even more awkward decisions to make, and we have been opposed every step of the way by that very party that got us into this mess. Kitty was unaware of this development, she knew her father had 'Had a word,' and she planned on doing some admin work or at the worst waiting tables for a week but as she dined with her father at an upmarket west end bistro Ken Decaid was already working on his Peers daughter works in Brothel headline, which he hoped to sell on to the Sun if only Tim Raymond could manage to get her to sign an agreem

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Marika tachibana
Is this part of a series
Natsu dragneel
Mmm i like cock so much
Chiyuri kurashima
Who gives a shit once you were on her you would not want to get off her great rack and clout
We just finished watching and loved the ending