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#149362 - Returning downstairs after warning Rob and keith to leave Teri alone after their showers,I find Sherry in the kitchen with a butcher knife in her hand “If any of your fucking friends lay a hand on me or Teri again I won’t hesitate to use this!” Swinging the knife in front of me, on the backward swing she moves closer to me. Keith gives an loud “Oh yeah!’ then starts to spew his seed into Sherry’s ass, as Rob pulls his cock out of her mouth “So you think Joe is done screwing that mutie again?” Keith Asks Rob as sherry lies on the bed in a daze. “Know why you can’t say it, cause you want this as much as I want it!” Grabbing my hand in his and dragging me along the hall into Sherry’s room, letting go of my hand he turns and shuts the door, locking it.

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Io hasekura
Her pussy look hella dried before she squirted
Hazuki fujiwara
Nina is great