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#8966 - Her vagina sucked my semen from me and I pumped into her for ages before I was emptied and she was still squealing with pleasure as she grabbed the nearest prick and furiously wanked it, the poor man having no choice but to shoot spears of sperm over her face and tits in no time at all. Still blushing she went topless and the men were soon fairly close to us and looking on interestingly as she ended up with just her panties on and I risked her wrath by slipping them down so that her smooth vulva was on display for them, watching them as smiles of pleasure spread across their faces. Things changed for the better from my point of view one afternoon when there were only four men with us and I was giving Carol all my cock with every thrust, she had already had an orgasm and was close to her second when the men came in close and started to caress her, adding to the pleasure as she reached her climax with moans and groans of satisfied release.

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