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#276296 - The four boys are in the middle of the holding pen with two of the female dragons, she recognises them instantly as Ebony and Ivory, the two dragons are on their backs with their tails twitching slightly in pleasure, two boys were with each dragon, they were stripped down to their leather riding shorts, their backs were covered with scratches from the dragons, and they bled gently, not too deep, scratches given in lust not malice, one of each pair of of boys had their fists buried in the dragons pussy's up to the elbow and they thrust them in deep  and slow, pulling out one fist before sliding in the other, the second boy pleasing ebony was bent over her licking her clit, Viktoria couldn't make out the boys from behind as they all looked similar, broad muscly backs and shoulder length dirty blond hair, while the other pair took turns fisting Ivory. Viktoria demanded to know what was going on and why the boys weren't working, when none could give her an answer that was

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