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#239186 - On a hunch, TJ decided to try and video tape the two of them in action and after figuring that Thursday night might be a regular time for their liaisons, he spent the next week planning his strategy for recording the action. He then grabbed Ed by the hair and pulled him up over the front of the desk and bent him over with his butt up in the air, and after giving Bobby a quick nod, the little queer with the big pecker slipped behind Ed and buried his hard meat all the way up Ed's slippery asshole!! TJ covered his mouth to stifle Ed' scream, because as he had a virgin asshole, Bobby's big rig was really slamming him all the way to his tight nuts! Ed was in real pain, but soon the pain and the pleasure began to blur together in a sexual frenzy! Jan returned to suck on TJ and was also frigging her clit like a two dollar whore while Bobby groaned as he ejaculated his spunk deep in Ed's bowels, and even though in great pain, Ed's own cock involuntarily erupted a hug

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