#167171 - The guy sat next to me gestured toward her groin and saying well. Defiently she looked at me as my face hardned and smiling she slowly turned arround giving everyone in the room the full view of her nearly see through panties from the front and the back, only a slightly thicker layer of material prevented all from being on display, she did her 360 degree turn and returned to facing me, my friends eyes all alight with excitement, she caught my eye one more time and defiently turned her back to us on the sofa, back to facing my other 3 friends and sharply pulled her panties to the floor me and my friends on the sofa only had her ass revealed to us but the guys in front of her were silent in shock and delight, i heard her giggle at the expression on their faces you guys are pathetic she said still giggling and without being prompted she turned to face us on the sofa.

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