#103052 - I'm stone faced, showing no reaction then she noticed my hand was in my pocket clutching my cock. In a few seconds, she had pulled my monster cock up and allowed me to ram into her again, she almost feels like my bitch, like I can do anything I want with her, and she'd be powerless to stop me, after grinding herself onto as much of my length as she possibly could, she brought herself to orgasm after orgasm, I fucked her for forty minutes, her seventh and eigth orgasms are washing over her, I move slightly, she didn't recognize the move, then she understood what was going on, as she feels a very hot sensation inside her, confused as to what it was at first, it wasn't until she feels something run down her leg that I had orgasm and with all my cock deep in her pussy I filled her with cum, the feeling is truly amazing, she actually feels it leaving my cock filling her, causing her to orgasm two more times. I walked briskly down the row between the stalls, checking each side as I went.

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Mahoro andou
Misa kurobane
Any man that is thinking they should fuck an ass like that needs to take both a written and a performance based test this is the kinda ass that can get away from an average man few men can drive a big rig on the highway and fewer still can drive a big bold magnificent ass like this one