#194882 - As you have read, Jenny and I started out as a chance meeting and ended up in a small motel room with a very lovely black girl named Beth we met in a strip club in a town we stopped at to rest for the night. Jenny slid up and started sucking on Beth’s nipples which made her start cumming instantly, this caused her pussy to latch onto my cock so tight I almost couldn’t move, but I managed to fuck her until I felt my own cum churning up through my cock and when I let it go and hit the walls of Beth’s pussy she lapsed into another world and passed out. She looked up at us and said, “I think I love you guys”.

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Yuuna yuuki
Nice lady and a mother who tried to save her child on the fatal moment she is dead already
Mika mikage
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Kazuya saotome
Super wow hardly i can control myself not to fire the bullet