#145233 - For the last month of school he had this girlfriend who was by far the most beautiful and hottest thing I have ever seen: she is 13 slim, milky white skin, long strait black hair, huge blue eyes - seriously beautiful face, though still wearing braces, her legs are too long to be real with an incredible gap, especially when she chooses to wear anything tight and small, which is too often, and A cup breasts. I saw my brother’s little girlfriend sprawled on the kitchen floor, hair disheveled, eyes smeared in dark make up, wearing a little black dress , in the living room her high heel shoes were thrown, one by the TV on the coffee table. I took her down the floor, she laid on her back arms stretched to her sides , I spread her legs, got in between and thrust my cock into her again, I had both my hands on her hip bones, her waist so tiny my thumbs almost met under her belly button.

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Natsumi hayamiya
Yes my pussy flowed a lot during this role playing game
Yugo hachiken
She looks good