#250105 - I go to the cabinet and get a glove and some lube and as she is sucking him I push my finger in him and he screams I tell him to stop it’s only one finger as I feel for his prostate when I brush over hit he yells bingo I continue to do it he is begging to cum I tell him to hold it knowing that he can’t as he cums his ass is squeezing my finger he looks lost, because he knows that he will be punished. I tell Rob that we need to handle her ass now so we leave after making sure that Sonya is ok when we get to the house we go to her room and I see that the maid is cleaning it out she doesn’t like the bitch either she tried to make the maid eat her pussy I ask Sara why she didn’t tell me and she said that she didn’t want to get her in trouble. When she leaves I look at Rob who is reading the papers I get on the phone with my computer guy and ask him what he’s found on the computer he tells me that she was chatting with some guy but she never told him where she lived he tells me that he se

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