#202572 - She felt one of her ankles being grabbed and pulled back toward her ass where a length of cloth was wrapped around it. “Who are you calling cow you stupid little slut?” Betty asked before feeling a slight tug on her body before hearing a ripping sound which was soon followed by the force of someone pushing her off her captive and onto the floor. Reaching for the previously obtained pillowcase, Page reached in and pulled out a bottle of sexual lubricant saying, “I’m keeping the leftovers of this, it says it warms and sensitizes private areas, kinda like a stimulant,” as she applied some to the hairy opening between Betty’s legs, “and” she continued reaching into the pillowcase again, “I found out why her snatch is so big, THIS!” while emphasizing the last word, Page showed Joey a vibrator, a very large vibrator.

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Mano mta sorte ter uma mulher dessa ai ta loko