#312257 - The warm water of the shower felt good, Jan telling us, how kinky we were, as guys helped us all wash the horse cum and piss from our bodies, I told her there was still more to come yet, and slid my cock up her ass once more, then without warning filled her ass with my piss, she looked back at me and smiled saying it felt like I was coming inside her already, I told her to look down and see did, then she punched me saying dirty fucker. I told Steve to bring one of the dogs around, whilst I lay on the frame, within minutes I heard a dog growl behind me and his cock slapping on my back, just as quick his cock began to find my hole, open and wet, and start its way in, I groaned with a nice orgasm as he pounded deeper and harder into my ass, this is just what I wanted, as I sniffed my amyl, my anus relaxed more and I took him balls deep. When the guys had finished, I took them into the shower, with the guys help we cleaned up pretty quick, then Jan held my arm, pushed me down and

Read Masturbation 【不可视汉化】[Misaki Yukihiro] Nikuhisyo Yukiko chapter 06 [Digital] Compilation 【不可视汉化】Nikuhisyo Yukiko chapter 06

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