#154568 - Curiosity won I took a peep in through the opening in the door and found my sister playing with herself and best of all using my name to do it and here I was thinking that the bedroom light being on is weird I need to do something with this very valuable information but what tell my parents ha no tell the school what am I dumb ,oh yeah that will do I just got an idea. I may not experience but hey porn is a great teacher so I did what she said first going slow then speeding up until she bit into my shoulder now all u could hear where my grunts and the slapping noise our bodies made as we collided into each other her nails started to move faster and I could feel it coming finally in more than one way, her legs were quivering. The was working on her hair as she was looking in the mirror, I had always wanted to talk to her but didn't know how to start I was so focused on her that I didn't hear Jasmine sneak up on me al dressed and ready for school

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