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#34275 - James laughs and looks down at her off course you will treat me better as my slave he says laughing He starts to take of his wardrobe letting if fall to the floor revealing his 11 inch massive dick to his mother Omg James no please that thing will break me no please she begs as he looks down and points at his dick now I want you to suck my cock like a good little slut he commands at her smiling She slowly bend over and took the tip in her mouth and start to lick it softly and soon after she slowly takes the rest down in her mouth with tears rolling down her cheek looking up at his son begging with her eyes to stop as she can't control herself bobbing on his dick slowly up and down very good slut you will be a good toy in my collection he moans out as he goes trough her hair and pushes her a little deeper making her gag . James turned to laurien and says alright let's make some rules he stands up infront of her his cock pointing at her you will go back to your room and c

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Honoka takamiya
More pleaseee
To be fair the jeans do look great