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#180780 - I opened my eyes to find Kim and Phung leaning their breasts over my face, and I groaned, closed my eyes and rolled to the side; they laughed, Kim saying “Well, did we miss anything?” She continued, placing one bare foot on my bum and rolling it around, “There’s one more thing we need to do…” “Oh Kim, I love you girls, but I have had a body seizure; I can’t do any more for now, please!” “Sure you can, you said you would photo us, and it’s time for an afternoon nap for everyone; so let’s go and lie down: four girls first, you take photos, then you can have a nap also; come on girls, back to the cabin. ” In the car, they all asked: where are yesterday’s photos; I said he had been very busy and I would have them tomorrow. I shot up and down and moved to the other side of the tree for new angles, then crouched down low and looked up at them, the sunlight backlighting them, but enough for the shot, maybe even giving them a halo effect.

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Ai hinatsuru
It is good but the light is a little bright