#174101 - She never really noticed me and she always had a boyfriend, it didn't surprise me though, she had jet black hair, blue eyes and was of a dark complexion. Lucy started to reach for my dick while we were kissing and she felt my rock hard dick, she started laughing and when Beth questioned her she told her to have a feel, she started laughing as well, I got worried, I thought they thought my dick was tiny but Beth then said you're excited aren't you! I blushed and smiled, I shrugged my shoulders because I didn't know what to say. We held a party for our street one night and the girls were saying at my house, their brother was sick with the flu and their sister was out probably fucking some random guy at a party or something.

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Fuck yes what
He s soooooo hot
Shuten douji
Mmm after my promotion i would still keep sucking his dick lol
Ciel phantomhive
Rip august ames tho