#34322 - One early morning on one of my weekends off, after completing my chores, I was still feeling horny as fuck so I showered the changed into my clean fresh lingerie, on this occasion I wore a mint coloured satin camisole top and matching midi type panties with my white suspender belt and stockings, I stood in front of my free standing full length mirror and began to appreciate how great I looked in lingerie, being a 22 year old a good looking young sissy boy with thin body that suited the wearing of lingerie. Nathan apologised for his intrusion, he had no-one else to talk with, he said Terry had spoken about me on a number of occasions to Nathan, saying Terry had a deep respect for me, and was in ore with my diplomacy and privacy tack regarding our sexual liaison and of course my youth and my sexual expertise. Nathan was oblivious to my sexual oratory with Terry, he was totally focused on my cock, within a short time I was conversing with Terry he'd ejaculated a massive spunk load,

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