#145566 - we this man walked up to us and said i have a small charter plane a will fly u home we gladly excepted about two hours into the flite the man looked sick and said his chest was hurting mom and i thought we were going to die then suddenly the man stoped breathing my mom tried to fly the plane and call for help radios dont work very good in storms she told the man on the radio we were going down the last thing i herd was we have ur location it will take a week or to to find u then the plane crashed into the river mom and i servived and we swam to shore cuts and scrapes i jumped back in the river to get ours sleeping bags but i could only find one mom ok hun well just have to share it i will get some wood to build a fire we got the fire going took off all are close hung them up to dry we went to bed but just when i saw mom naked i started to get hard again mom do u think u would be atracted to me you bet son would u sleep with me we got to mom we only have one sleeping bag da. the

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Well that looked very enjoyable for both parties
Is it true now is a law against using his photo in situations like this