#364639 - Me and the guy on the screen worked in the same office! I could see that we both had our microphones switched on so I decided to break the ice, `Hi Phil!' Phil stuttered , `Errr hi Mike, you OK?' I ignored my sudden nervousness, because we were both in the same boat, both caught out but obviously both horny and more to the point his daughter was stunningly pretty blonde girl and she was wearing a silky dressing gown, half open down the front and we could just see the edges of her small boobs. It took several minutes to get three quarters of that long fat monster inside him and to keep Jenny happy while Paul had lost concentration, I lay next to her, gently fingering her sweet pussy which had engulfed my cock, such a short time ago.

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Such a beautiful woman great body but its her mentality that is so sexy there is nobody like her much respect
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