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#233509 - so I guided one to Carlas bold pussy, I wathced as Kelly clumsily stroked at Carlas pussy her fingers just caressing the lips, Quickly I turned to my bed and kicked off all the magazines onto the floor. My ears perked up but I decided not to show to much interest Am I going to get Paid? I asked and with that my Mum slipped me a £20 note, plus said there was money for a pizza in the kitchen. Carla has tears in her eyes but keeps crying out YES YES OH BABY ITS SO GOOD I pull my cock out and turn Carla on her stomach and then onto her hands and knees, and slide my cock back in, I fuck Carla in doggy position pulling on her hair and reaching round and grabbing her tits she moans as my hard cock penetrates her deeper, I call Kelly over and have her sit in front of Carla and push Carla down onto her belly so she can eat Kellys pussy.

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