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#419369 - Mean while the girls had wandered unnoticed up the beach to see why the guys had not returned and started cheering out loud just as Steve shot huge load of cum all over Jan’s face & tits, on seeing the cum shoot out from Steve’s cock, Petra came running up to Jan yelling “don’t waste it” dropping to her knees a licking Jan’s face and boobs finally suckling on the boobs for quite some time arousing Jan even further to the point that she started yelling “fuck me somebody fuck me”. By now Shane had returned holding a bottle of sun lotion whereby he started to lube up Jan’s arse hole inserting first one then two fingers, slowly opening her up. I was surprised when Jan came strolling back to the car carrying her shorts & T-shirt wearing only her thongs and red Bikini, Jan asked if I could pour her another glass of wine to have on the way to the beach & whilst I was concerned that she might spill it I opened the boot & poured the wine as she seemed to have a nice agreeable buzz going which

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Those thighs
Hazuki oikawa
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