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#98099 - You have a nice sexy ass she said, she started to move her hands all over his back filling him with soft kisses, she moved down to his ass cheeks, grabbed them both, started to kiss and rub them, she moved her tongue down his ass hole licking it, and moving her tongue into it, she seemed an expert in butt holes, she moved her tongue around and around the hole and separating the cheeks apart with her hands to open wide the hole so she would let her tongue reach in to it, Tom enjoyed this, it was the first time he had been fucked by a women. Then she brought a dildo with straps and put it on, approached Tom with cream in her hands, she greased his ass hole with her fingers to open it wide, then she attempted to penetrate it with the 9 inch dildo, gently, easy, it went in, she pushed it slowly to the end, Tom moaned with pleasure, she started to fuck him in and out but slowly, he pushed back on her, fuck me hard , said Tom, and with OOOHHS and AAAHHS, Nadia was slapping Tom’s ass, h

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