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#172473 - What we don’t tell her is that her baby will be cut out of her and she will be cut up and thrown to the sharks no one fucks over us I ask he why and she says that she was just playing with him I ask why she feels that she can demand people do things for she forgot that she is a slave she looks down like I know she forgot she ask if one of us wants to fuck her and we both say hell no at the same time she starts to cry I tell her to use her hand. I have him go over to the bar and I get a paddle and lay into him I stop half way and I get a butt plug lube it and insert it into him I also cuff him and continue when I am done. I tell her to lay on the bed and I ask if anyone as ever eaten pussy and Donna says that she has I tell her to eat her pussy she begins attacking her pussy I tell her to slow down and give the person time to enjoy it.

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