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#63700 - June slipped her arms down around me and drew me up to her on the bed she gave me a deep long lingering kiss and got out of my bed I was so disappointed I was hot and horny as hell. I could not get all of him into my mouth at this angle so I untangled his fingers from my hair and with his dick still in my mouth I rolled over onto my back , my head was dangling over the edge of the desk I could see his face at this new angle I was great full for his small dick because I put my arms around his buttocks and pulled him into my mouth i could see the look of surprise as i slid all of his cock into my throat he was in so deep my nose rubbed his hairy balls I did everything I could to make him cum but he just kept riding my mouth I was like the proverbial bull in a china shop I think my tonsils cum I could see look look of rapture cross his face but he did not cum he pulled out of my mouth and stood looking at me he said to go back to class and come and see him when classes were over. When

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