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#289704 - I focused again on the mess of my I-phone while Samantha got the door; only to pick up a moment later what she was saying loud enough for the delivery agent to hear as well: “…love of my life, we are so fine; we shall do our own sixty-nine; can’t wait for you to do me the best, so, so well like all the rest; all night we will stay in our bed, rocking our world until it falls apart…” I just sat there with absolute horror on my face, her words clutching my brain like the jaws of a trap set for a wolf in the woods. “Benny, you are suppose to do that inside my womanhood; not my mouth. “Samantha, this belonged to my great grandma, the only item I got as part of the inheritance; it had a note for a long time saying to give it to the one who means the most to me in my life…and that is you…” Samantha started gasping, eyes tearing up, and her hands covering her mouth as she mumbled “Oh my…oh my…” “Benjamin,” she gulped hard, “you are asking to marry me? I mean, me, Samantha?”

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