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#309108 - i hope your feeling alot better today because you need to remember that you are a special guy and i love you more than anything in the word babe i kissed harvey goodbye and got into my car and drove home when i got home my mom was on edge a little about all the dinner party detail she was testing food and choosing a dinner set and other thing so i decided to go into my bed room and have a shower i got into the shower and i jacked off over harvey i kept thinking about the night before and how hot and amazing it was i wanted harvey again so decided to ask harvey for sex tonight so i got my cell out and text him saying i want you tonight can i have you harvey messeged me back and said you can have me when ever you want me i smiled at his reply and decided i was going to make more of a effort for him tonight so i went to the spa and had a massarge and a face wash and a few other things on my way home i seen kyle and i just said fuck off to him i couldnt be bovvered t get into anything wit

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Poppu harukaze
I say it everytime i watch one of your films cum fountain and filled with envy thx for sharing and keep it up
Sayoko mishima
Better if she swallow