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#197704 - He stills, and her mind reels from it she lets out a soft gasp and whispers in shame Don't stop! He growls the vibrations on her nipple cause her legs to clamp shut against her wetness. Feeling his hand on her breast her lips part and pleasure races through her, she closes her eyes as her mind and body become a battle field the ache and wetness that lingers between her legs tells her she's enjoying how she's being treated, yet her mind says that she should hate him, fight! Her mind realed at the feelings she is getting just as he slips the knife from her neck and slides it through the thin fabric of her chemise, cutting away the inferior material that blocks his way. She choked back a sob as she finally accepted what is going to happen to her, but a silent determination wells up inside her and she promises to fight him with all the strength she has.

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