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#138323 - What Lucy had decided was to get some loving from her uncle for herself, she had made shore this night Julie and Diane wouldn’t wake up, she had slipped a sleeping draft in their night drink, all contingency’s had been covered. Then she had the chance to take it further, her mother and sisters were out at a school event that would take all day, she washed and put on her shortest skirt and tightest top, then she had the thought of leaving off her panties, her trap was now set and baited, all she had to do was see that her dad took the bait. As she worked up the side of his legs they opened a little, she worked right up to his groin, with her next pass she rubbed his balls, he looked back and smiled and opened his legs a little more, with one hand rubbing his balls she continued rubbing his leg’s, after five minutes she asked “how do you feel now daddy”? “Ok half pint, you’ve work wonders and my muscles are relaxed” she gently squeezed his balls and said “I think there’s one

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