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#122875 - Both girls had their hands,mouths,boobs and pussies occupied but Sandra wanted to take things further she broke the kiss and withdrew her fingers and told Brenda that she was gonna make her feel good Sandra moved between Brenda's legs and rubbed the outside of her clit making Sandra shutter in pleasure and without warning Brenda smacked her lips on the outside of Brenda's pussy Brenda let out the biggest moan as Sandra sucked her g spot her tongue licking up and down her lips and tucking her tongue inside her hole and started eating her like an oyster, Brenda's moans got louder and louder to loud Sandra asked Brenda if she wanted to taste her all Brenda could do is nod her head Sandra moved over the top of Brenda and got into a 69 position Brenda lowered her pussy onto Brenda's mouth Brenda immediately shoved her tongue in Sandra's fuck hole wriggling her tongue around inside her Sandra did the same to Brenda they spent about 5 - 10 minutes.

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Chihiro fujimi
They just leave her lol
Hikari sanehara
It disturbs me a bit this weird stuff turned me on
Meia gisborn
Manque un peu de parole
Yzak joule
Love to see her face