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#2878 - I look up at Amy still laughing and i notice how see through her top has become and i see she isn’t wearing a bra today (why should she her DD’s are firm as are my EE’s), and i see how her big breasts showing through her top and i can see her nipples are hard from the cold rain then i look down and see mine are showing just as much as hers are and i start to get excited looking at her while she laughs, Amy stops laughing and looks up at her mum and sees her breasts are showing through her white t-shirt Amy: Mum your breasts are showing through your t-shirt Me: So are your breasts showing through your t-shirt i guess that is what we get for both wearing white tops today Amy: Yes Mum i guess so too Me: Amy why don’t you get out of those wet clothes and have a nice hot both and then i will have mine Amy: Mum since the tub is big enough for 2 people why don’t we bathe together Me: Are you sure Amy its ok Amy: Yes mum i want to have a bath with you Me: you haven’t had a bath with

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Like if you want hot passionate sex
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Yeah that ass right