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#235755 - My cock was hard as a stone, and I looked those three bodies wriggling down on the floor covered with urine, champagne, saliva I went completely mad. “Come, all you bitches; if you want to drink champagne, you will drink it from Sora’s pussy!” And they all jumped and started to lick and suck champagne from her cunt, and seeing those pink tongues rolling inside her wet pussy, and her trying to wide it as much as she could awoke my beast in full, so I grabbed Pannai, and slammed bottleneck down her asshole and poured as much as I could in her, and then I grabbed Jenny and made him/her drink champagne enema. With the corner of my eye I saw that Pannai was licking Mia’s sore asshole, and Sora was still licking my nipples.

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