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#196694 - Her tongue was skilled, I’ll say that… she sued it all over my dick and my balls, and let it wander around the area at times, quickly coming back to the head of my dick, and then she took it in, and began to work her way down it a bit at a time, until the whole thing was in her mouth, the head down her open throat. “Thunder, you ever see a real torture?” I said I hadn’t… some of the things we did in the Nam we just don’t talk about. She began to move again, and her own moans now mingled with mine, as she fucked me with her ass… her sphincter contracted repeatedly, grabbing my cock with each upstroke, and pulling me as if I were being masturbated by skilled hands… for minutes, this went on, and the sensations were incredible, feelings I’d never experienced before, until once more I felt my cum rising to blast into her, and once more she stopped me… and got off of me… and grabbed my dick and plunged her mouth back down onto it! The shock and erotic rush of seeing this girl wi

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