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#145165 - I woke to feel my legs up high, and some one using my pussy, eyeing James as his cock went in deep, dry cum making his enter a bit harder than last night, but soon he started to fuck me hard, as other guys woke, Grant now slipping his cock in my mouth as Jim moved behind him, waking his butt up for the day, We played for a few hours, all tired, from last night, but horny too, after they had all cum, I called Prince in, for one last fuck, he didnt need any prompting, his nose in my pussy and soon humping me hard, I am going to miss him, as his knot went in, my orgasms hit home hard, He knotted and once more filled me with his hot cum, before resting on my back. I knew Liz was also enjoying Prince, but I was too busy to see. It was then I went blank again for awhile, to weak to stay up.

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