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#99495 - My mom seemed to notice my uneasiness and asked if I was ok ,I said well mom last night well, it kind of scared me, she giggled and said honey it’s ok I’ll show you what you will want and need to know about sex, and she laid back in the tub and since there were no more bubbles she was exposed and she unplugs the drain and now is sitting with no water and says ok see my hair here and points at her bush, and says feel it but carefully, man I was shaking in excitement sitting a foot away from moms pussy and she wants me to feel it, oh gawd, so I reached in and softly felt her wet but soft pussy hair, she says now I am going to show you where the woman’s clitoris is, she sticks her fingers on the slit of her pussy opening up the lips a little and exposes her pink opening and says feel here honey and guides my finger onto the bump that is the button of a woman’s joy, I remember so vividly when Mom pressed my finger onto it and how she quivered just slightly and made a hint of a sexy s

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So hot you both are amazing