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#398849 - I had had an orgasm and I had no clue – I just know I felt good. I tried to remain passive but despite my best efforts my body kept cuming and I found myself eating cock hungrily and wanting the cocks in my body to fuck harder and harder – what had I become? The night wore on and I found myself straddling a huge cock while another cock was being shoved into my ass – I screamed with the pain but the cock in my mouth muffled my cries and my body was wracked with pain as the three cocks fucked me in unison. Jack was laughing as he filmed my confusion “Fuck you just came you little slut – who knows you may just enjoy your new life” I was totally humiliated but despite this the continued licking and sucking of my cunt sent me over the edge again.

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Madoka kugimiya
Nothing gives me sexual satisfaction anymore ever since my girlfriend broke up with me i ve just felt numb it s frustrating nothing turns me on anymore not even porn now she s with another guy and that just makes this whole situation even worse